Congratulations to our "Dr. Beckett" on Winning Best Baby Puppy at our LCA National Specialty.  Thank you to the esteemed Russian Judge  Natalia Romanova.  

Sire: GCH Khaimas' From Me to You

3 Time Breed Winner at Westminster 2016  2017  2019 Winner of 2017 LCA National Specialty

"Dr. Beckett" winning his first major in Portland at 1 year old. 

 As part of their Meet the Breed video  series, the AKC featured the kennel (von   Alpensee) in their Meet the Leonberger  video.  Dr. Beckett's Sire "Dario" & Dam   "Zambia" are both featured in this video.                                   Enjoy!

3 months old visiting Mt Shasta. 

Dam: GCH Zambia von Alpensee

Best of Breed Winner LCA National Specialty

A big congratulations at 8 yrs of age winning BOS all 4 days at the Triple Crown 2018